Proprietary Trading of Digital Assets

We are a global electronic proprietary trading and research firm that uses a range of high performance and sophisticated research, analytic, market and trading applications to access digital asset markets.



Our R&D team continually searches for unique market opportunities   and performs quantitative research, backtesting, optimization and implementation for the deployment of our strategies.




Our technology network includes data centers in London, Toronto and Hong Kong enabling the company to access global markets through co-location, secure internet services and fiber optic for FIX & API trading.





One of the most crucial aspects of our business model is Risk Management. The key to our success is to understand what risks should be taken and how much risk is acceptable.



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We are the forefront of the rapidly changing environment of distributed ledger markets. We also work hard to nurture talent and provide traders with the know-how that will make them disciplined, ahead of the curve and productive with for only goal to help them generate consistent profits.



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Professional Trading Groups



We have a dedicated PTG division designed to develop joint ventures and partnerships by financing and providing technology or consulting solutions to professional trading groups that want to access digital exchanges and blockchain ledgers. Our PTG division also assists entrepreneurs bridging the gap to the blockchain world by providing turnkey solutions such as cryptocurrency wallet infrastructure, liquidity aggregation, access to capital and a host of ancillary services including; training, risk management, quantitative research and program development. Get in touch with us by using the contact form below for more information.


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