We are always looking to add extraordinary people to our organization

We look for people with passion for excellence. Whether you are still in school, graduate or have been on the workforce for years, you must either evidence a successful track record or graduate from our training programs.


All you need is internet access (*see our terms and services) 



Bitquants provides access to global ledgers.  Contact us for more information.


Are you a Professional Trader ?

If you are a professional trader, you must register with Accredited Access, our qualification checking service . You will go through a simple application and be asked to provide proof of your identity and original trading reports.  This process was designed so that we verify your qualification without accessing your detailed trading strategy. The registration cost is 50$. Once verified, you will be issued a Professional Trader Certificate within a few hours and will be able to login to our private portal.  

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Do you want to become a Trader ?


Our highly disciplined approach develops confidence in each trader, allowing them to become independent, patient, and profitable. We’ve been doing this for over a decade and believe in our approach to the point that every student who have shown consistency and disciplined during the 4 week simulated environment will automatically be financed by Bitquants as a prop traders. 

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